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    Default CO - State Patrol Trooper arrested for DUI, weapons charges

    Colorado State Trooper pulled over in marked patrol car, arrested for suspicion of DUI - KDVR
    The Trooper, 48-year-old David Dolan, was taken to the Douglas County jail and was being booked in on charges of DUI, DUI Per Se, and Prohibited Use of Weapons.

    The Colorado State Patrol confirmed the arrest of Trooper Dolan. According to the CSP website, Dolan is a recruiter who has been recognized for his work in both DUI enforcement and criminal interdiction.
    These guys spend their careers dedicated to getting drunks off the roads, I'm always amazed they don't know better when I see them get DUIs for how easily drunks stand out on the roads.

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    Default Re: CO - State Patrol Trooper arrested for DUI, weapons charges

    they're good at finding drunks, not necessarily good at being a drunk. there are a lot of professional drunks out there that can out smart the police.
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