Cameras milking it

The article on your front page "Speed cameras a city cash cow", is very interesting and the tactics used by the Metro police indicate that this practice IS used to generate revenue without encouraging safe driving.

I do believe that speed kills and when you speed you definitely don't have control of your vehicle if an emergency arises.

"Hide and seek" tactics to catch speedsters are not going to reduce speeding - some of these cars don't even have number plates, others don't pay fines, some have false plates, etc.

Having visible deterrents however, ensures that people drive more carefully, because they are aware that if they are caught a heavy fine awaits them. The drive to Pietermaritzburg, for example, with a number of cameras en route, definitely has reduced speeding.

Cameras are visible and at regular intervals, so that people try to drive responsibly.

The other problem I have noticed is that in Umgeni Road, Durban the section that passes Makro in Springfield has a speed limit of 60km/h. I really think this is ridiculous, considering it is not a residential area and the road has a number of lanes.

Drivers definitely find it difficult to drive at 60km/h on such a major road, and yet it is here that the Metro will trap for speeding.

The speed limit in this area should increase to from 80 to 100km/h. I am sure that there are other areas that need to be looked at - which have speed limits from 20 to 30 years ago but have had major roadworks done since then.