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    Exclamation Warning! North Carolina State Highway Patrol: Operation Slow Down

    Law enforcement will be on the lookout for speeders

    Here we go again, North Carolina is broke and needs more money from people breaking the speed limit on 4 lane open highways. Anything above 80 MPH even in a 70MPH zone will land you a 30 day license suspension or anyone traveling 15 MPH over the highly underposted PSL.

    [March 27, 2010]

    Law Enforcement Will Be on the Lookout for Speeders

    Mar 26, 2010 (News-Topic - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX)

    -- Speeding motorists have been warned. Troopers with the North Carolina Highway Patrol will be watching for you.

    Operation Slow Down begins Monday and will last through Sunday, April 4 as troopers across Caldwell County and North Carolina will be cracking down on speeders.

    NCHP First Sgt. G.W. McClelland said more troopers will be on county roads during the campaign, and they will focus their efforts on slowing down motorists.

    "We are making schedule changes to have more people out on the roads," McClelland said. "Basically, we just want people to slow down. We will be enforcing our speeding laws." Operation Slow Down was created by the NCHP in 2005 as a means to draw more attention to speeding in North Carolina. Speed is the leading cause of crashes and motor vehicle fatalities in the state.
    - hahah wow wrong.

    The campaign focuses on motorists exceeding the posted speed limit on roadways. While speed is the primary infraction, troopers also will be looking for other traffic violations such as following too closely, improper or erratic lane change, careless and reckless driving, and any violation of the motor vehicle laws that can result in serious injury or death.

    "We're cracking down on speeding, but we'll be looking for everything," McClelland said. "Our concentration will be on speeding, but we're not going to focus on just that violation." Troopers in the county will be monitoring speeds of drivers by using LIDAR, a laser speed detection device, from unmarked cars, in addition to the numerous patrols throughout the county.

    One of the main areas of concern in Caldwell County is U.S. 321, the main traffic artery. It is a heavily traveled and often congested highway prone to speeders.

    McClelland said speed has been a major issue since he took over at the Troop F District 3 office in September.

    "Speed is a problem," he said. "One of our goals this year is to reduce the speed-related collisions we have." McClelland added that many motorists are under the impression that they are OK as long as they travel no more than 9 mph over the speed limit. That's not the case.

    "They think they can travel 9 miles over the limit and get away with it," he said. "The law is absolute. Traveling that much over the posted speed limit can be a factor when it comes to braking distances." Motorists can report incidents of speeding or other forms of dangerous driving to the Highway Patrol by dialing *HP on their cellular phones from anywhere in the state.

    I give up on NC, seriously the state is retarded. Watch yourselves fellow NC people, you know how sneaky those troopers in NC can be.

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    Default Re: Warning! North Carolina State Highway Patrol: Operation Slow Down

    I will definitely be a bit more cautious during next month.



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