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    Guy Gets Ticket 30 Seconds After Parking, Writes Awesome Letter To Contest It (PICTURE)

    In the interim, I will commence winding down my window as I pull in and throwing my coins at the ticket machine in the hope that some find their way into the coin slot...

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    That is almost as good as what San Francisco was pulling in the 90's. SF contracted out the parking ticketing to third party and as the innovative types did was to record license plates of cars which at the time were not illegally park but obviously visited the city. Then months later they would issue a ticket which never got paid since the ticket never made it on the car. Then the ticketing company would turn the ticket over the City of SF as not being paid then SF would case down drivers.

    I got one of these tickets, and the interesting part if they had the exact make and model of the car and color and such and had both my name and wife name on the ticket. Later it was found out they were looking up license plate numbers in the DMV and coping the rest of the information for the ticket. End up most people paid these tickets without thinking about it.
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    lol when I get back down under I'd like to buy that bloke a beer.



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