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    Default Texas Highway Patrol: Seatbelt Crackdown

    New Texas seatbelt laws: click it or ticket - CBS 19 - The Eye of East Texas News - 

    New Texas Seatbelt Laws: Click It Or Ticket
    Posted: May 17, 2010 12:50 PM EDT

    A warning for drivers- there's an annual law enforcement blitz to get you to buckle up could rack up more citations than ever before.

    Police will step up patrol starting next week for the "Click it or Ticket" campaign.

    New Texas seatbelt laws could leave you with a hefty ticket.

    When Click it or Ticket started in the state in 2002, three-quarters of Texas drivers used seat belts. Today, almost 93 percent of us buckle up.

    A new state law says all passengers have to wear seatbelts. Kids under age 8 have to ride in a child safety or booster seat unless they're 4 feet 9 inches tall.

    TX-DOT says it's important to protect your family from other dangerous drivers as we head toward summer.

    Traffic Safety Specialist Cindy Parks says, "We don't want anyone to get in the car and not put their seat belt on because we may have some people who have had alcohol to drink. We want everybody to be safe."

    The Click or Ticket seatbelt blitz runs from May 24th through June 6th.

    If you or your passengers are caught without a seatbelt on, fines range from $25 to $250 plus court costs.

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    Default Re: Texas Highway Patrol: Seatbelt Crackdown

    Ugh, something tells me my non-seatbelt wearing in-laws is gonna get us pulled over during our move which coincides with this b.s.



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