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    Exclamation CO - Senate OKs bill doubling speeding fines in wildlife zones

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    Default Re: CO - Senate OKs bill doubling speeding fines in wildlife zones

    Isn't all of CO a wildlife zone?
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    Default Re: CO - Senate OKs bill doubling speeding fines in wildlife zones

    I hear a "Speed Slaughters" campaign coming on.
    “We have waited too long to address this problem of slaughtering animals and killing people on our roadways as a result of not having adequate protection,” Schwartz said.
    But it is limited to 100mi throughout the whole state.....
    limited to no more than 100 miles around the entire state.
    I think this is kinda like having a fines doubled in avalanche zones, and enforcing it in the summer, as it's for something that, could be there but usually isn't. And the whole reason we don't want a study about this first is because the educated decision is not the one they're trying to force through.

    They would be better served clearing vegetation, building some limited fences and installing guardrails for the roadway edge and if it's still too curvy to see something in the road, and the road cannot be altered to provide a safe down the road view; then adjust the speed limit to reflect that, this is nothing more than an excuse to needless take money form motorists and will do nothing for decreasing accident rates. And if officers are out stopping cars in these low visibility high accident rate areas then you're putting them in needless danger, and risking causing even more accidents and high death tolls.

    They also could be well served by looking into installing the wildlife on roadway alert systems, so you get a flashing yellow light when the sensors have been tripped that there's an animal on the soft shoulder or roadway. I believe these are installed on the IN Toll road, but it might be in Ohio, and they are of great comfort on foggy mornings in the road trips I've taken, where visibility is vastly reduced.

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    Default Re: CO - Senate OKs bill doubling speeding fines in wildlife zones

    Motor On your analyzing it way too much. this is just an excuse to give the police an opportunity to generate more revenue for the state.

    if you hit an animal at 35 or 100 its still going to be dead doubling fines will do nothing except raise more revenue. and I bet these "double fine zones" have great hiding spots for LEO's to sit.
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