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    Default 1.5 million in CA can blow traffic cams and never get fined!

    Spotted this bill in the California Assembly (AB 2097):
    Floor/Committee Analysis of AB 2097

    Appears there are many "people of importance" who are able to shield their home address from the DMV. Hence, if they blow through a toll, red light camera, parking, traffic, plate scanner, whatever, they don't get a citation.

    Can be law enforcement, their wife, and their kids too. The bill states that cops in Orange County, California alone accumulated over $5 MILLION in fines that went unpaid in a 5 year period (page 3 of the bill).

    Pretty amazing how they can ignore a $500 red light camera fine and blow a red light, but they say "It's all about safety." Yeah. Right.

    Sending it to their place of business as an alternative? What a laugh that will be. Would be funny if it does hit their registration though after a year of misuse.


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    Default Re: 1.5 million in CA can blow traffic cams and never get fined!

    Not a surprise..........CA is filled with corrupt people.



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