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    Post We don't let traffic cops work out of uniform, why should we let their cars?

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    Default Re: We don't let traffic cops work out of uniform, why should we let their cars?

    It's a cash grab and it does not help to PREVENT speeding. Consider these two scenarios.
    1. You are driving on a street with no visable police presence.
    2. You are driving on a street, and there is a police car in plain view, either patrolling (and looking for CRIME) or just sitting with its lights flashing.
    Which one of these scenarios are you less likely to be speeding / continue speeding in?
    It is painfully obvious which one is more effective at changing behavior and which is more effective at generating revenue.
    this comment says it all. if they truly cared about safety they would be more visible.

    they allow you to speed and hide to catch you just to collect revenue and get a power trip.

    its like with construction zones, they wait at the end of the zone for you to speed through it. if it was about safety they would be very visible in the beginning of the construction to slow you down before and while you in the construction zone.
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