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    Default Perth Western Australia Detector Ban in 2 month

    Anyone see the news last night?

    in March $2000 fine if caught with a radar detector.
    Is this for real????

    So guess its time to go stealth but would have to make sure it isnít visible from the car window


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    Default Any updates or confirmation on this??

    Any updates or confirmation on this??

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    Default Radar Detector Ban in WA on Backburner

    Hey Guys,

    As you will note Geoff Gallop resigned last month. Michelle Roberts (Police Minister and proponent of a radar detector ban) contested the leadership against Alan Carpenter but lost. As a result, in Carpenter's new cabinet Michelle Roberts was dropped and sacked from the position of Police minister. The result is that the strongest supporter of the ban is no longer in a position to introduce legislation - her agenda is now irrelevant.

    What matters now is who is the new Police minister and whether they are strong on a radar detector ban as well. It is likely the new government will have other things on its mind than radar detectors and hopefully will not be bothered pursuing a ban in the short term anyway.

    So we're somewhat safe - for now. But expect the issue to be raised again.



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