Monday, 9 January 2006. 05:01 (AWST)
Radar detectors look set to be banned from Western Australian roads this year.

The move, which would bring Western Australia in line with the eastern states, is part of a plan to tackle dangerous driving.

Radar detectors are commercially available in Western Australia and widely used, but the state's Road Safety Council says the devices encourage people to speed and break the law.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts agrees and has told the ABC she will usher in new laws to ban them.

"When Parliament returns in March, we'll have a number of new road safety initiatives, the banning of radar detectors will be a priority for us," she said.

Ms Roberts says the Government is also planning to apply its anti-hoon laws to people caught driving 45 kilometres or more above the speed limit.

Ms Roberts says people caught driving at those speeds could soon risk having their cars impounded for up to three months.

Fourteen people died on Western Australia's roads over the Christmas break - most of the fatalities were on country roads.

Police are still investigating a crash which killed a 41-year-old man in Dardanup, in the state's south-west, at the weekend.

Police say the man lost control of his motorcycle about 6:30pm AWST on Saturday - he died at the scene.

Grant Dorrington from the Road Safety Council says more needs to be done to raise safety standards in regional areas.

"Most of them are driving from town to town or out to their farm where the roads are not policed all the time - one mistake and the speed you're doing, the law of inertia says you're going to cause yourself, or your family, or your friends serious serious injury, maybe death," he said.