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Motorists are picking up record numbers of speeding tickets from mobile police cameras. The Government has misled motorists, delayed providing information and continued to see speed camera revenue soar.

Paul Smith, founder of the claims the Government has delayed reporting how many speeding tickets have been handed out to motorists. No official national figures have been published since 2003 and the information is now more than two years out of date. According to Smiths latest statistics, mobile speed cameras now generate more than half of all speeding fines in the UK. Paul Smith is considered by many to be the UK’s leading authority on speed cameras and their effects on road safety.

Paul Smith said: "Most motorists know where the fixed cameras are located so the camera partnerships have increased activity of mobile units. They are harder to spot and turn up in the most unlikely places, so it's no surprise they are keeping quiet – the motorist is being ripped off with no genuine improvement in road safety. Smith estimates that fines from mobile cameras are likely to have grown by at least 40% since 2003.

Most mobile speed camera vans use a laser beam to detect a vehicle’s speed. Fourteen months ago the Government failed to ban products that detect mobile speed cameras. One best selling device for spotting mobile speed cameras is the detector. "The Government tried to ban the speed camera spotter. Fortunately they failed, but they have succeeded in increasing mobile and hidden speed camera vans, massively, in just about every town and city in the country."

The speed camera spotter works by picking up the frequency of a speed camera and provides the driver with both visual and audible alert. The unit plugs in to the cigar lighter socket and is ready to use. It detects both static and mobile Gatso cameras. Importantly, the unit can detect all types of laser beam – including those used by mobile speed camera vans.

Speed camera locators that use GPS can only advise a motorist of fixed locations. These type of devices are unable to pick up the signal of a hidden or mobile speed camera. One drawback to the detector is that false alerts are likely at traffic lights and supermarket doors; however, this is thought to be a small inconvenience to motorists compared to the cost of losing your driving licence.