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    Default Driving in China

    I saw a show not too long ago about this same topic. Lots of Chinese now getting cars / licenses for the first time (their parents never had one) and their lack of experience is reflected in huge difference in traffic deaths per capita than most other countries.

    ...ratio of registered cars to fatalities in China is 658 to 1
    Holy Shniike!

    Auto Exec’s Death Shows China Road Woes - China Real Time Report - WSJ

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    Default Re: Driving in China

    In over 10 years of going to China, I have never seen an accident. Coincidence with a smattering of good luck, but that's the case.

    For the most part, they are pretty damn good at it. I know I would not want to give it a go.

    It is a full on "contact sport," driving the older parts of Beijing where there are no "lanes."

    Import them to Vancouver and they certainly can't drive, but that's another story.

    ...maybe it is the "lane" thing here in North America, that throws them off?
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