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    Default Eight infra-red speed cameras on the busy Princes Freeway!

    I belive that these are the same sensoring equipment that is used by the traffic reporting agencys throughout the United States. Example - These peices of equipment are VERY Expensive. I read something on them the other day but deleted the news because I thought they would never work for catching speeders. I was wrong. They are now using them for catching speeders. From what I have read. No Radar Detector will see them, No Laser Jammer will jam them, this is because they are using an infra-red beam!

    Here is the news article
    Speed cameras in focus

    WATCHING YOU: Speed cameras on a Princes Freeway overpass between Corio and Laverton.

    Friday, January 13

    THE eight infra-red speed cameras on the busy Princes Freeway will be switched on before the end of the month.

    Police minister Tim Holding yesterday said the $5 million camera system would help stem the number of deaths and injuries on the road. The cameras start operating on January 30.

    Mr Holding said 20 people had been killed and more than 785 injured on the road in the last 10 years. He said the cameras had detected hundreds of speeding motorists in their trial period.

    ``During the first week of 2006 a total of 577 vehicles were detected travelling more than 25 kilometres over the speed limit . . . One motorist was recorded driving at 207km/h,'' he said.

    But Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder said the cameras were nothing but a cash grab at the expense of the 10,000 Geelong motorists who use the road daily.

    An examination of crashes by the Advertiser showed more than half the number used to justify the cameras happened before the celebrated opening of the improved road in November 2002.

    While there were six deaths on the Princes Freeway to Melbourne since its completion, there were more fatal accidents on the Midland Highway (16) and Princes Highway to Colac (11), in the same period.

    Spokesman Toby Hemming denied the road was being targeted as a revenue raiser and said ``traffic volume and crash history'' had driven the decision.

    ``If we wanted to make money we wouldn't come out three weeks before the cameras are switched on and warn people. We are interested in getting people to drive slowly,'' Mr Hemming said.

    He said the police minister was not using old statistics to justify the cameras.

    ``Twenty people have died on the road in the last 10 years and some have died recently,'' he said.

    But, Mr Mulder said police tracking of accidents showed speed cameras were being used in busy roads and not high accident zones.

    ``The State Government are looking for a return on their investment in dollars, not in terms of saving lives,'' Mr Mulder said.

    ``The minister is using old statistics and the vast majority of these fatalities occurred prior to November 2002 when the new road was opened. They are totally misleading.''

    There will be four cameras on each side of the freeway, with locations including Lara, Point Wilson and Forsyth Road, Hoppers Crossing. These do not include existing cameras on the West Gate bridge.

    Here is a picture of what they look like
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    The beams are across the lanes of the traffic, I will attempt to get a photo of them and post. GPS units like Uniden and Road Angel will be handy for these cameras.



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