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    Default Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    Not sure whether these rings true for the LEOs out there. Any active duty LEO here would care to comment?

    Extracted from Yahoo Auto :

    Do certain colors attract police?

    In today’s era of radar and laser detectors—not to mention soulless speed cameras—the easy answer is no. Most police officers will explain that if you’re speeding, you’re going to be pulled over no matter the color of your car. But could law enforcement subconsciously be focusing on brighter colors, and red in particular?

    They might be, at least based on research conducted by Dr. Mark Changizi, professor of Human Cognition at 2AI Labs. An evolutionary neurobiologist, Changizi’s online biography details his studies as a means to “grasp the ultimate foundations underlying why we think, feel and see as we do.”

    According to his studies of primates, our eyes have evolved to detect subtle changes in blood oxygenation. In layman’s terms: we notice pigment changes when, for example, someone turns red with anger or pale with fright. “It’s all about emotions,” says Changizi. “Our eyes are designed to see these color changes.” Primates with less fur on their face and rump (such as baboons and chimps) can detect these pigment shifts.

    Different emotional states depend on how oxygenated your blood is. “Red is a symbol of strength physiologically,” says Changizi, while mentioning recent studies that have proven wearing red sportswear leads to a higher probability of winning. Changizi says cultural factors also play an important role. Think about a red car, and chances are good a low-slung Ferrari or Corvette springs to mind.

    Millions of years of evolution, along with some clever marketing, means that brighter colors (especially reds) could simply be hard-wired in our minds as being powerful, fast and strong. Just don’t try to wiggle your way out of a speeding ticket by telling a cop he was genetically programmed to ticket your little red sports car.

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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    Dr Changizi needs to focus his efforts on something productive in the intrest of mankind. I have a friend with a red sports car and no counter measures and drives around like a maniac and never gets pulled over.

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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    I drive a Safety Yellow sports car, and it absolutely does get more attention from the po-po. My next car is going to be dark grey for sure.

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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    There must be something to RED.I used to have a red camaro and got pulled over a lot.Sometimes just to check for stupid things.

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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    It depends on whats around you more than anything, and the shade of the color, too. A bright red car might attract attention, but a burgundy car wouldn't so much - still, they're both red.

    Bright yellow is closer to white in color and shouldn't stand out too much, unless every car around you is black or gray.

    I really think it depends most on two things, well really three: your surroundings and the officer...and the drivers' behavior too. If grass was red and the pavement was red too, red cars wouldn't stand out much. But being that grass is green and pavement is gray/black, they do stand out to the human eye whether you want them to or not, whereas black, gray, green, dark blue, maybe even white cars wouldn't be as noticeable.

    It depends on what the officer is looking for, also. If you're staring into a bunch of cars, red might stand out the most depending on the cars around them. It may allow a person to focus on whatever stands out and seems peculiar, like the color red. If you're looking at offenses and not the cars (or the people driving them) you shouldn't be persuaded towards a red vehicle...and if you're looking at the cars or the people driving them (for bigger stuff, like drug interdiction) there's many more noticeable and bigger indicators than the color of the vehicle.

    My parents drove a bright red mini-van for ten years and were never pulled over once. Granted, it wasn't a sports car or even a sedan. Drivers' behavior has a lot to do with it though, too. Not necessarily what you drive or what offenses you make, but how you drive.

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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    I have had 4 red Mustangs and one black one over the past 24 years.
    Only pulled over once and it was in a red one, but that was turning left deep in the yellow light.
    No ticket.

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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    I used to have a red car and I never had any problems with LEO's.

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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    A red Corvette here and no unwarranted attention.
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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    dark light blue Gti car here no problems.
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    Default Re: Bright colored & red vehicle attracts LEOs?

    Quote Originally Posted by radarrob View Post
    dark light blue Gti car here no problems.
    lol, I know what you mean though.



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