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    Default New Laser Speed Patrol In IL

    The need for speed patrol
    Will County using latest technology to catch, prohibit speeding motorists
    Friday, December 3, 2004
    By Stephen Stanis
    Special to the Daily Southtown

    Will County sheriff's police are using the latest technology — a laser speed tracker known as Lidar — to try to deter speeding.
    The laser has greater range than a typical radar gun, can pinpoint a car in a line of traffic and, because of the narrow beam it shoots, is less likely to be picked up by radar detectors, sheriff's police said.

    "This is capable of going over a mile away. At 1,000 feet, (the beam) has an 18-inch radius, so even with an expensive radar detector, unless you bring it up over the dashboard, it's not going to go off," officer Chuck Albin said.

    A few weeks ago, officers conducted special speeding enforcement in the Homer Glen area using Lidar and issued 64 speeding tickets and 12 warnings, Ray Horowitz, the sheriff's director of traffic safety, said.

    Albin parked at the S-curve on Parker Road north of Chicago-Bloomington Trail Road. In 2003, there were 48 traffic accidents on Parker Road, making it a primary target for the enhanced enforcement by sheriff's police.
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    Having had experience with visible lasers at over a mile, I have to tell you trying to keep that below the dash is not going to happen. The slightest vibration will create a large scale movment on the other end. Shorter distances of course are no problem. You would need a tripod and very little wind to even come close to using one of these at a mile range. Even a quarter mile needs a very stable hand.

    We use to light up traffic signs from about half a mile away at night, people would shut off their lights, get out of their cars and try to figure out what's going on with the sign. It was pretty funny. Bad part is if they looked back in the beam, ouch!!

    This was not a little pen sized laser.



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