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    Exclamation Wa - see this innocent looking suv?

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    Default Re: Wa - see this innocent looking suv?

    Wow I can't believe the news calls that Van a SUV.
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    Default Re: Wa - see this innocent looking suv?

    Quote Originally Posted by v1user View Post
    Wow I can't believe the news calls that Van and SUV.
    It doesn't look like a source that takes itself too seriously...

    Anyway, the supposed purpose of this effort is to
    provide greater protection for students and staff members around schools.
    So I wonder then why it's so important that these things
    can be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking pictures and recording video never needing a break, a sick day or a vacation.
    can be deployed ďat a variety of locations at any time of day or night with a number of different configurations,"
    Because schools are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a variety of locations. You just never know where one will pop up.

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    Default Re: Wa - see this innocent looking suv?

    I hate REDFLEX, they are so ghey.

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    Default Re: Wa - see this innocent looking suv?

    I live in the land of WA. Several cities have added these Redflex cameras in the name of safety when the truth is they have gotten drunk with greed over the money these things bring. If fact one Seattle council member was so exited over the money brought by one camera, he wanted to expand the program by at least 20 or more cameras based strictly on revenue.



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