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    Default Randolph, MO; caught in their own speed trap...

    Now I hope the AG gets involved. This speed trap town makes illegal stops on I-435. It's pretty much impossible for Randolph police to be stopped at one end of their jurisdiction, get up to speed, tailgate the car they intend to pull over, turn all of their lights and sirens on, and conclude the stop before they exit the other end of their limits. You can forget about talking to a dispatcher on the radio or typing the license number in with one hand. There just isn't enough time. What they do is drive with the flow of traffic in and out of Randolph until they find somebody to pull over. At least in one case, they waited until they were outside of their jurisdiction to initiate the stop. That's an illegal seizure. I have a feeling that they do it regularly because they don't want people to pull over on the I-435 bridge.

    Without these illegal stops, Randolph would be able to write far fewer tickets. But they do, and people pay them. All of that illegally obtained money has been pocketed by Randolph, MO. To call it highway robbery isn't really much of a stretch.

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    Default Re: Randolph, MO; caught in their own speed trap...

    Good find... as an FYI here is the correct forum section for said stories... don't be shocked if it moves.



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