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    Post CA - Photo-Enforced Stop Signs Still Angering Drivers

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    Default Re: CA - Photo-Enforced Stop Signs Still Angering Drivers

    Whatever. It's not like a stop sign just pops right up in front of you leaving you with no time to react to it.

    I know it's extremely popular to violate stop signs because a good portion of them are unnecessary or should be yield signs, but it's a stupid thing to waste your traffic violation luck on. They only make a small portion of your trip take longer (compared to arbitrarily low speed limits, which affect you the whole way), and a cop doesn't need expensive equipment with calibration records and judicial notice to enforce a stop sign.

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    Default Re: CA - Photo-Enforced Stop Signs Still Angering Drivers

    Sounds like a total waste of resources to put an expensive camera up to enforce a cheap stop sign. Of course, money talks, and the revenue from the tickets is enticing.

    The problem I have with stop sign enforcement is that, 99% of them it is unnecessary to come to a complete stop at them 100% of the time, for safety purposes. If you crawl through without stopping, such that you can stop if you see someone coming, that's just as safe as stopping, and in the case of moderate traffic where you could safely pull out if you don't come to a complete stop, but if you did come to the full stop you'd have to wait for that same traffic to pass, fully stopping wastes time. And it wastes time if there's no one around.

    The only "running of a stop sign" that is dangerous when when someone blows the sign without slowing down or looking. Now if the cameras were programmed to issue tickets only to those drivers who blow the sign, that's not so bad. But if the camera requires you to stop fully behind the line, wait 2 seconds, then crawl forward until you can see if anyone's coming, then proceed when safe (a process that can take 5 seconds or more even if no one is coming), that's just a money grab, and a waste of gas too.

    I admit it, I almost never stop behind the line, unless there are pedestrians crossing. Most intersections, you can't see if anyone's coming until you pull out a bit, so stopping behind the line is just a waste of time and gas. The same is true for camera-enforced right turn on red lanes. Does anyone ever stop behind the line before turning right, if there's no camera or LEO around?
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