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    Exclamation MO - Cool Valley speed camera installed faster than was supposed to be

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    Default Re: MO - Cool Valley speed camera installed faster than was supposed to be

    For some reason this thread won't let me reply. This is my fourth and final try.

    Do you know what the minimum psl is on secondary roads? If I ever encounter these cameras or they put them up by me, I'll be going the legal minimum bottle necking all the fast traffic.

    Thanks for posting as I found one the comments sig worthy!

    pilot said on September 24, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    Just drive ten or fifteen miles under the posted speed limit and totally confuse the cameras, police and politicians. But of course then they will issue tickets for driving to slow. LOL A politician with an ink pen and a piece of paper can steal more money than a man with a gun anytime



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