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    Post Texas City Caught Again With Illegally Short Yellow Time

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    Default Re: Texas City Caught Again With Illegally Short Yellow Time

    "Camera companies are notorious for taking advantage of poor engineering situations like this."

    "Confidential documents uncovered in a San Diego court trial prove that the city and its private vendor, now Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), colluded to install red light cameras only at intersections with short yellow times (view documents), thereby maximizing profits."

    "Baytown uses a different company, American Traffic Solutions (ATS), which operates all aspects of the photo ticketing system.
    In less than two weeks, Baytown residents will have the opportunity to cast an early ballot to ban red light cameras from the city. When the votes are tallied on November 2, Schirmbeck believes the failed attempts of ATS to block the vote have backfired and the vote against the cameras will be strong."

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    no need for voter-caging if the issue never makes it on the ballot



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