UK: Red Light Camera Tickets Innocent Man
An Oxford, UK red light camera tickets a car from more than eighty miles away.

Ford FiestaA red light camera in Oxford, UK ticketed a Ford Fiesta from more than eighty miles away. Chigwell resident Nick Dobson received a letter in the mail claiming that he had run a red light in Oxford on December 1, 2005 at 9pm. At the time, Dobson was attending a function in Newham -- eighty miles distant -- and witnesses confirm that his car was safely parked by the local library around 9pm. Dobson has never been to Oxford, yet Thames Valley Police refuse to drop charges unless he sends photographs and other evidence to prove his own innocence.

"Whether this is a clerical or computer error, or a case of a cloned number plate, I don't know," Dobson told the Ilford Recorder. "But I'm far from happy about being treated as a criminal when neither myself or my car have ever been anywhere near Oxford, and I certainly wouldn't go there just to jump red lights."

Thames Valley Police declined to comment.