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    Default Harrisburg, Pa. Drivers are frustrated at Redlight/Speed Cam

    Motorists Fed Up with Red Light and Speed Cameras

    (2006-01-20) David M. Bresnahan

    Red Light cameras and speed cameras have drivers angry and frustrated because those traffic enforcement cameras do something far more often than real police officers -- make mistakes.

    Harrisburg, Pa. -- Drivers are frustrated because they believe red light and speed cameras are entrapping them when they are actually trying to obey the law -- something a real police officer does not do.

    Traffic enforcement cameras have been reported by news media around the world making error after error, and drivers are getting fed up. Many believe they have no choice other than to find ways to protect themselves against unjust tickets from the traffic enforcement cameras being used in major cities in increasing numbers.

    News reports in recent months have documented many problems with the cameras, yet their use continues to grow.

    Problems include:

    Yellow lights that are so short most drivers cannot stop in time to avoid a ticket.
    Drivers slam on their brakes when the light turns yellow to avoid a ticket, resulting in getting rear-ended by the car behind them.
    Red-light cameras are taking pictures of cars before they even cross the stop line at the intersection, resulting in many tickets being sent to innocent drivers.
    Drivers who make a right turn on red get tickets that no real police officer would give.
    Speed cameras have been proven in government tests to be inaccurate and give out tickets to drivers who are not speeding.

    In other words the technology is not perfect, but the success of the system is not measured by accuracy, it is measured by the revenue produced.
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    StLouisX50- just wondering but how do you get all this info? do you have a subscription to the National News of Speed Trap and Law Enforcement or something lol. i mean its awesome that you get all this info, im just wondering where it all comes from.



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