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    Default MO: Appeal Fails Twice-Hit DUI Suspect

    they sure have a lot of drunks in MO. one drunk crashes falls out of his car then gets run over by another drunk.
    Rod Blagojevich: I'm Lawful, 'Feel Free' To Tape Me

    chad dornsife for president in 2012!!!

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    Default Re: MO: Appeal Fails Twice-Hit DUI Suspect

    In first suing Jones and Thorn, Dodd alleged that the officers failed to protect him from the other motorist by not parking their vehicles or setting out road flares in the direction that that man approached.
    And what part of that doesn't make sense? If the road is already obstructed with a person, why not obstruct it with a vehicle to protect them?

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    Default Re: MO: Appeal Fails Twice-Hit DUI Suspect

    They both deserve prison... nothing more.



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