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    Default NJ-burlington township PD has plate scanner

    guys in NJ be on the look out. safe driving
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    Default Re: NJ-burlington township PD has plate scanner

    I really think that every department, or at least every metro region, should have a plate scanner, assuming it's for the right reasons. I don't like automated enforcement in the form of RLCs, speed cameras, stop sign cameras, etc. but I think that simple ALPR systems are different.

    The plate scanners can only detect a few things and none of them are really related to simple traffic's all stuff like stolen cars, amber alerts, suspended plates, uninsured vehicles: cars that really should be off the road. With daily use, a ALPR system usually catches a stolen car within a month of it's being launched, usually only within a few addition to the smaller stuff. I think that's significant. My opinion of using them for parking enforcement is different though.

    An unlimited amount of plates can be run through the databases on a MDC anyway, so why not make it easier by having a camera do it for you? After all, that way you can pay attention to the road while driving as opposed to having to watch the screen while typing in plates.

    That said, thanks for posting this. I don't travel to NJ often but it's good to know.



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