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    Default PA - "Operation FracNET" Commercial Truck Enforcement Results

    So there was an article a week or two ago in the news section about the Marcellus Shale drilling trucks and the huge amount of trucks that are being placed out of service. Here's the updated news release during the enforcement blitz on October 25-27.

    Noteworthy Points:

    1066 out of about 1400 trucks that were inspected received at least one citation (that's 76 percent)
    207 trucks placed out of service
    52 drivers placed out of service

    While it may not relate to speeding, these trucks do affect all drivers on a daily basis, especially us from Pennsylvania where the drilling is occurring...hopefully someone finds it of use

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    Default Re: PA - "Operation FracNET" Commercial Truck Enforcement Results

    That sounds like a pretty terrible failure rate. I wonder how many trucks in the general fleet or even private vehicles would fail to pass the same scrutiny.

    Conspiracy time - I wonder if the crackdown has anything to do with Fast Eddy not getting his drilling tax he wanted...



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