Ban photo radar? Sure, that'll happen
01/26/2006 11:29:05

So, the Legislature is taking steps to ban photo radar on freeways. Sure, that'll happen.

Yesterday, the Senate Transportation Committee approved SB1146, aimed at putting a permanent lens cap on the camera cops. Oh, they're gung ho now.

But just wait until the money starts rolling in. Scottsdale estimates photo radar will bring in $22 million in fines on its 7.8-mile stretch of the 101 over the course of a year. Of that, the city will get just under half to run the program. The courts will get a small cut and the state rakes in most of the rest -- roughly $8.3 million a year. And that's just on Scottsdale's small stretch of the freeway.

Two questions:

Can you imagine what they could make if they installed cameras Valleywide?

Have you ever seen our leaders turn down the opportunity to get more of our money?