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    Post Plainfield's Growing Rep as a Speed Trap a 'Good Thing,' Police Chief Says

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    Default Re: Plainfield's Growing Rep as a Speed Trap a 'Good Thing,' Police Chief Says

    I don't think that's necessarily a good nickname unless you're an extremely small town with no economy/business, and even then it's iffy. The way I figure, if you have businesses and a "main" street or neighborhood so to speak you want to draw people into the community, not push them out. If you have nobody coming into the town but they just use it as a way to pass through, then I could see how it might be an OK, but not good, reputation.

    Plainfield doesn't seem that small though. It's called a village and they make it sound like they're a small town but they have 51 police officers plus 33 civilian personnel...that's 84 police personnel and I don't think that's a small number. The village itself isn't that small either, they have 30,000 residents...

    Both the chief and people's comments indicate that most of the speeding tickets are for high speeds, they're not ticketing people for 5 over. Maybe that means that a new speed engineering survey should be done though to see if the speed limit is where it should be on their major roads.



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