Pennsylvania Legislators Plan to Hide Red Light Camera Facts

The State of Pennsylvania already has a law on the books, which the legislature there recently reaffirmed in an effort to keep the facts about red light cameras from public scrutiny. Members of the driving public have only one alternative -- self-defense against unjust tickets.

[ClickPress, Thu Jan 26 2006] Using individual privacy as the justification, legislators in Pennsylvania have voted to shield the facts about red light cameras from the public and from the press.

Recent news articles and coverage about malfunctioning red light and speed cameras around the country has enabled motorists to know that what they suspect may very well be true -- red light and speed cameras often send out unjustified tickets.

The average driver, although upset at getting a ticket, usually just pays the fine rather than deal with the stress, expense, and lost time from work to fight the ticket, according to Joe Scott from Phantom Plate, Inc., manufacturer of PhotoBlocker (tm) spray.

The recent action by the Pennsylvania House will continue to shield its private red light camera vendor from public and judicial scrutiny. The legislation repeats a prohibition already on the books that forbids "written records, reports or facsimiles" from being "discoverable by court order or otherwise." However, a new provision in the law allows only statistical numbers on camera operations to be released.

The reason given in the legislation for the prohibition is to protect personal information about individuals.

"The law could simply have required redaction of personal information as a means to protect privacy," said Scott. "Instead they are using privacy as the excuse to keep the facts from public scrutiny, and to prevent innocent drivers from gaining access to evidence that the cameras make mistakes so they can defend themselves in court."