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    Default Red light cameras at work in San Diego

    Red light cameras at work in San Diego

    Friday, January 27, 2006

    By JO2 Alexis R. Brown - Navy Compass

    Give the Pedal a Break!

    SAN DIEGO - Sailors and DOD civilian motorists should pay closer attention to traffic lights changes before making a mad dash through the lights to prevent heavy fines later.
    According to San Diego Police officials, fines for running a red light with a camera have climbed to more than $320 in recent months.
    The red light cameras were put in place as part of a program that was launched in San Diego. The cameras are in various places throughout San Diego to cut down on traffic accidents due to motorists running lights. Active red lights within the city are located at 10th and A street; Black Mountain Road at Mira Mesa Boulevard; 54th Street at Montezuma Road; La Jolla Village Drive at Towne Centre; 32nd Street at Harbor Drive; 60th Street at Imperial Avenue; Garnet Avenue at Mission Bay Drive; and Grape Street at North Harbor Drive. The most recent implementation is in El Cajon, Calif., going west on Fletcher Parkway at Magnolia Avenue and north on Magnolia Avenue at Madison Avenue.
    California has more than 30 jurisdictions that utilize the Red Light Safety Program. More red light systems are in the process of being set up.
    Citations are mailed out within 15 days of the offense with four photographs of the positioning of the car. Failure to appear in court or pay the fine will result in an additional fine against the registered owner's driver's license. For more details on San Diego traffic lights, you can contact the Traffic Violations Bureau at (800) 369-5352 or email questions and concerns to
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    They are popping up everywhere in Orange County as well ... I now have three to contend with on my way home from work.




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