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    Default Road deaths fall 'due to cameras'

    Road deaths fall 'due to cameras'
    Andrew Robinson
    SPEED cameras have been credited with an 80-year low for fatal road accidents in West Yorkshire.
    The number of deaths in the county has dropped below 100 for the first time since records began.
    Figures for 2005 showed that 96 people died on the roads.
    Statisticians at the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership had to go back to before the Second World War to find the last time the number was so low.
    Partnership chairman Steve Thornton said: "The last time road fatals were in double figures was in the 1920s and think how few vehicles there were on the road at that time."
    He said speed cameras had helped bring down the numbers of deaths and injuries.
    "There is no doubt that the introduction of speed control safety cameras has made a major contribution to the unprecedented fall in killed and seriously injured and other casualties that we are seeing today," he said.
    "Drivers travelling at excess or inappropriate speed are the single biggest cause of death and injury on local roads.
    "If drivers can be persuaded to make respecting the speed limits a habit a way of life then we will remove the biggest cause of casualties on local roads.
    "It's clear that motorists are listening to and
    engaging with this message because last week
    we were able to announce that the number of speeding offences detected
    had dropped to its lowest level in the three years since the partnership was established, which shows that more and more
    people are driving slower and safer."
    27 January 2006
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    Well to be 100% honest, it actually sounds pretty logical that the cameras are working.
    Logically if the cameras were the only extra factor introduced into the area, and the deaths have fallen (that low) for the first time in over 80years or so... one could say that it would seem as if the cameras are helping.

    Granted it could just be a coincidence.
    Also we dont know how low the other numbers throughout the years were, it may be the first time the numbers have reached under (triple digits) in like 80 years, however we dont know if most of the time it hovered between 104-106 on average... which wouldnt be a 'big' drop, it could easily be a coincidence. On the other hand if the average was 120-125 per year (pre-cameras), that is a noticable drop.

    Also granted the cameras didnt/couldnt actually stop a person from speeding (and henceforth an accident at that moment) such as an on-patrol LEO could, it could just 'give someone a ticket' a few weeks later... it may make people re-think speeding there in the first place.



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