�Speed Trap� Catches Fast Drivers and Money For City�s Budget
Posted: 1/30/2006 6:33:46 PM

�Speed Trap� Catches Fast Drivers and Money For City�s Budget

The city of Coopertown is being criticized for making a lot of money off of those breaking the law. A national driving organization, AAA is giving the city of Coopertown six months to change a few things or possibly be listed as a �speed trap.�

The biggest concern is how much the city relies on speeding ticket fines, for its overall budget.

Along Highway 49 in Robertson County Coopertown Police are issuing more speeding tickets than ever before.

So far, more than 300 speeding citations have been handed out this month.

The police department's aggressive approach to get people to slow down, has gained the city an unwanted reputation. Some drivers say they probably deserve their ticket, but think Coopertown has a hidden agenda when it comes to making so many people pay up.

"Coopertown is a small city that don't have any tax revenue. They are trying to grow and they found a way you can make a lot of money quickly, and it's cost effective," said driver Nicholas Deidiker.

Coopertown Mayor Danny Crosby admits the county makes money off those who break the law, but when drivers go several miles over the speed limit more tickets could lead to safer roads.

"How do you not give them a ticket if they are running these types of speeds through the city," said Coopertown Mayor, Danny Crosby.

Traffic ticket fines generate nearly 30 percent of the city's revenue. That's why AAA has flagged the city as a potential speed trap. AAA officials say they would like to see less tickets handed out. Plus they want to see Coopertown better notify drivers of speed limit changes.

The speed limit along Highway 49, which runs through town, keeps changing and for out town drivers that can be a problem.

Coopertown officials said they don't want their city labeled as a speed trap because that's simply not the case.