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    Default UHP trooper on paid leave after punching woman 5 times

    I guess he's not a Mormon....

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    Default Re: UHP trooper on paid leave after punching woman 5 times

    Well the lady deserved it that is for sure... I don't care if you are a little white grandma. Run from the police... clearly endanger them and though the video doesn't show it: Likely the public, you are going to be getting the long-arm of the law (no pun intended) after you.

    The trooper obviously lied in his report. She is not trying to push their vehicles out of the way at all when she is being punched... If she was trying to floor it and push their vehicles... her tires would not be stationary.

    More likely: She was hoped up on meds, and thus when they tried to get her to respond to the commands: She did not... and then they shocked her, which cause her muscles to spasm, mashing the accelerator... it was not it in gear though.

    Regardless... she deserved it... as she was a fleeing suspect not complying with commands given. Case closed.
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    Default Re: UHP trooper on paid leave after punching woman 5 times

    I noticed that too lol looked like a pontiac grand prix so i was watching for the front tires to spin (which you couldnt see from the vid) but even if, you'd see the car bumping the police cars if she was really trying to get away. Im sure the revving was a panic of holy sh!t i just got glass broken into my face.

    I don't agree with her, or the officer, but it doesnt look like the punching was as necessary as he claims it was.



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