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3 new bills put into effect. First one allows for the hiring of 100 more state troopers to eliminate the need for highway radar (hooray! More troopers intent on pacing and easy to see from a mile out!). Second one requires random state testing of ALL photo enforcement units, fixed or otherwise, and elmination of all tickets handed out by a unit found to be faulty (as well as full refunds for court costs, driving school, and points assessed). Third one, and this is the killer, charges municipalities $200 a ticket to run a search of state DMV records for the owner of the plate so the ticket can be mailed.

I like the first two bills, as it makes the lives of cities choosing to use the BS photo radar system harder, but the third one, I just don't know. I see the obvious intent there to kill photo radar completely in Arizona, but I'm concerned that locales like Scottsdale, Mesa, and Paradise Valley (all of whom *love* and *depend* on their photo radar for its income potential) would say, "Ok, screw you right back," to the state and start charging $350-500 for a speeding ticket. Then it becomes a constitutional issue of excessive bail and unusual punishment.