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    Default smart phone pictures

    Not sure if this was posted in here but its pretty scary

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    Default Re: smart phone pictures

    Yeah...they mentioned just the basics. With the right software and computer understanding you can really map that stuff out.

    If you put the images on your computer prior to uploading them onto the Internet there are various tools that allow you to remove this data quickly and effectively...everything from the GPS coordinates to the make and model of the camera.

    The video mentioned some stalk you website or something like that...I didn't look at it but about two years ago there was a really interesting (but just as creepy) website that a few guys made that did a similar tracked people and their actions based on their internet activity. The thing that made it scary was that the software they made to go along with the website could basically take a Tweet/twitter posting and find that person's past locations, Facebook account, etc. and basically map out their entire real life journey going home, to work, to the store, etc. It constantly updated so it eventually became an insanely easy way to track people live...the website was shut down by the creators because apparently they got their point across and people were beginning to get a little bit angry about it.

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    Default Re: smart phone pictures

    I like how the news said this is new, it is not new, geotagging pictures has been around for a while. I geotagge most all the photos I take these days. The important part I do not post them to the internet, if I do they are not my home location just some place in public. People are idiots and they think it is cute to post picture of their kids online. This is how the police have tracked idiots who do stupid things then post those picture to the internet.

    By the way, you can not stop this on an android phone, if you want to use any location base application they track your movement themselves and any app that has the ability to use location based activities can track you as well.



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