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    Cool Nothing Big, just followed , no luck this time mr. popo

    Today while coming out of my complex I saw a leo sitting at their honey hive. Watching for stop sign violators and speeders. I had to turn in to a parking spot to wait for the kids to get on the bus. While they got on I waited till the bus left. I turned, stopped at the stop signs and turned in the proper lane and went the speed limit. (So good for me , right?) ( in the back window and I did not violate a traffic law)

    But I had an officer follow me from the complex for a mile till I turned off to my dads, just to watch how I drive. Pacing me and all. I did 5 less though just to make their mouth water more.

    Why it's crap is, there are people who run the stop sign where he was sitting all day long. I have almost been hit numerous times yet decides to watch how I drive? That's why I streamed live on Just in case anything was twisted. But hey, police have to have fun too right? No problems with the leo so it's all good
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