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    Default Insane base jump. Anyone afraid of heights?

    I am absolutely terrified of heights. I am a big ***** when it comes to this. I make my wife or my son clean the gutters out on the roof! If they want Christmas lights on the house, they know where the latter is.

    Help..every time I try to post a video I try to get the video to display instead of the link..How do I correct this?
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    Default Re: Insane base jump. Anyone afraid of heights?

    F that! I don't mind jumping out of a plane though. Did it once and I'm going back during the summer to do it again. Cant really tell how high you are bc the ground looks flat so my fear of heights didn't really matter. But base jumping is something I'll never ever do.

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    Default Re: Insane base jump. Anyone afraid of heights?

    I\m OK on a ladder or on a roof and such, but not that.

    I didn't know I was afraid of heights at all until I went on the ride on top of the space needle in Las Vegas. In the shopping area up top, I was OK. I even went so far as to stand on the glass and look down. When I went up the stairs to go out on the roof, I pretty much froze to the railing once I got a good look on the outside.

    It was then that a group og 10 year old girls asked me to let them by, so they could get up top for a ride! Well now, that meant that I either had to go up top and get on that ride, or turn in my b@lls. Needless to say, I found my way up there and managed to get on that ride.

    When the ride shot up the mast at the top of the building, it felt like freefall and I could see for miles around. I think I even saw God for a moment. It was as if the building was no longer between me and the terra firma! I got off the ride with an incredible adrenaline rush, which was really cool. I still have promised myself that if I ever go back there, I'm going to be busy looking around the gift shop to go on the ride up top.

    I might keep that promise, but one never knows.

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    Default Re: Insane base jump. Anyone afraid of heights?

    Start off easy.Maybe something like this.That's me @ the top right.Nothing like walking a 4" beam with no net and no tie off.When you slip man is it a rush!
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