Akron, Ohio Reverses Course, Triples Speed Camera Fine
Akron, Ohio will continue its lucrative speed camera program with $100 tickets.

Akron speed cameraThe city council in Akron, Ohio has once again increased the fine for owning a car photographed by a speed camera. In December, outraged constituents who felt they were trapped by the ticketing device bombarded the council with complaints. The camera had been issuing $150-250 tickets to those driving as little as 5 MPH over the limit in poorly marked school zones with no children present. The program raised $451,500 in revenue in just nineteen days. To quell dissent, the council retroactively lowered the fine to $35 and issued refunds for the difference.

As of February 22, however, tickets will be back up to $100. The council will also add flashing lights to seventy school zones to warn motorists in advance of the lowered speed limits.


Traffic enforcement cameras to remain in Akron after trial period ends

Created: 1/30/2006 6:37:24 PM
Updated:1/30/2006 6:54:45 PM

AKRON -- The Akron City Council has reached a compromise on the controversial traffic camera program.

After the trial period ends next month, the cameras will run eight-hours a day only in school zones with flashing lights.

Violators will be fined $100. That's down from initial fines of $150 to $250. But it's up from the $35 fine right now.

The city plans to have the program running by late March.