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    Default Trapster gave in...

    I'm surprised that no one has posted this yet. The least they could have done was leave the checkpoint option available for users who don't own Crapple products.

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    Default Re: Trapster gave in...

    I seen that on Facebook earlier; I can't say that it bothers me, though. I no longer have interest in Trapster because, well, it won't even load on my computer anymore.

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    Default Re: Trapster gave in...

    preposterously gay

    I had hope in trapster. Hopefully users can figure out a way to circumvent this ****.

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    Default Re: Trapster gave in...

    Give trapster 6 months and they will be out of business if stuff like this keeps happening.

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    Default Re: Trapster gave in...

    I think Apple are being stupid farks as usual. However, Google is famous for standing up to corporations and even government pressure, so if Trapster needs to cripple the Apple version, I say let them, but keep the Google Android version full-featured.



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