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    Default Saw Roy Zegers on TV last night

    Hello all,

    I saw Roy Zegers on a current affairs style show last night showing how the "some" of the Australian police in the eastern states are not using their vehicle mounted radar units (Kustom Signals - Silver Eagle, K band) in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

    He also pointed out that the equipment was not maintained nor calibrated as per the manufacturers specifications. Roy was assisting in the defence of a motorist who was booked for doing allegedly 130+km/h when he says he was only doing 110km/h.

    The news item clearly showed footage of the police officer angling his car diagonally ACROSS the flow of traffic - only allowing the radar unit minimal time to acquire a speed measurement instead of the officer being parked parallel to the road so that the target is in range for an adequate amount of time for the radar unit to provide an accurate speed measurement. Roy helped this man win the case against the state!! (Although the poor defendant was approx $20+k out of pocket after the whole exercise!! )

    He also made a comment about the Decatur Systems - Genesis II units being used in Western Australia and that they are unfit for duty as there is a known fault with those units.

    I just want to say thank you Roy, and good on you!!

    Also Roy, if you read this... I remember the Decatur Genesis II units that were withdrawn in QLD were Ka band units. The units used in WA are K band units... do you know of any reason why these have no been withdrawn also? Anything to do with the different frequencies that the two units are operating on?


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    That guy was lucky Roy helped prove the way NSW Police operate there radar is wrong, infact the speed that guy was detected at would have been less than the actually reading due to him not being parellel to the road. Anyway taking a speed measurement like that is not to guidelines.

    Good on ya Roy!



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