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    Default Another article on speeding and cameras in Maryland

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    Default Re: Another article on speeding and cameras in Maryland

    Man, they need to get rid of the cookie cops and install these in Texas i'll go 12 over for 40 dollar citation...

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    Default Re: Another article on speeding and cameras in Maryland

    They are really hard to detect with anything but a high end detector from Escort, Bel, or Valentine. They are ultra low power Ka-band and the signal is especially narrow, the cameras are often hard to see until you have been clocked, and even warning distances with high end units is rarely over 1/5th mile as they design these things to reduce radar signature. People are just dumb. After years of being in the same (stationary) places, they still haul ass. We tend to make a camera click motion with our hands when we watch someone do it and laugh. Then they flip out either on us or on themselves, which makes us laugh harder.



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