Who knew L.A.'s red-light camera fines were 'voluntary'?

From TFA:

"Under state law, court officials have discretion over how they pursue those who do not respond to camera-generated citations. Los Angeles County Superior Court officials, as a matter of fairness, said that for the last decade they have chosen a less forceful approach partly because the person receiving the ticket may not be the person who was driving the car.

In particular, the Superior Court has decided not to notify the state Department of Motor Vehicles of any "pre-conviction" unpaid camera tickets, which could lead to holds on driver's licenses and registration renewals.

The court may seek payments via collection agencies, but failures to pay do not show up on personal credit reports, court officials said. The policy applies to tickets received throughout Los Angeles County, said Greg Blair, the court's senior administrator for traffic operations.

There is a key exception: a recipient of a camera ticket who goes to court and is ordered to pay a fine will be pursued for non-payment like any other moving violation offender. In those cases, drivers could face stiff penalties and suspended licenses, among other things, Blair said."

Conclusion: Don't go to court to fight your red-light fine; just ignore it.

Ca-ca-ca-crazy California.