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    Default This is police insanity.

    Somebody NEEDS to be fired & charged with illegal arrest & kidnapping.

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    Default Re: This is police insanity.

    That guy needs to get in touch with the ACLU... just to make this issue a bigger stink. He needs a lawyer to sue... All that officer had to do was say, "I don't know anything... I don't have any information on that topic." sounds like the local news need to go investigate "Unwarranted RAIDS... the police obviously did something wrong and are a little bit guilty."

    Just saying.

    It is only a matter of time folks until the police start erasing our video cameras.

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    Default Re: This is police insanity.

    Barney Fife is as sharp as a marble. He should be made to pay the lawsuit on his own.

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    Default Re: This is police insanity.

    sue sue sue to hell with the department

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    Default Re: This is police insanity.

    I am so proud of that seventeen year old. He is a true patriot! His parents and family and country should be proud of him!

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    Default Re: This is police insanity.

    I love this story. This is the best story that truly explains the lack of brain power some cops come with when they are given a bade.

    One of the biggest ways to loose respect from your fellow LEOS is to pull this crap.

    In are Dept, locking someone up for pot would get you laughed at in roll call.

    This guy needs to sodomized on a float at a gay pride parade.

    What a fu(king tool.
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