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    Default Looks like Apple seached an Employees home because they said they were "COPS"

    Police investigating Apple house search -

    Truly disturbing on so many levels.

    Even if they were cops why in the hell would you let them search your home?

    Why would you let anyone search your home with out a piece of paper with raised lettering on it?

    I imagine we are going to see a high price lawyer getting involved for the dumb ass that let him search the house so they can both get paid for his stupidity.
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    Default Re: Looks like Apple seached an Employees home because they said they were "COPS"

    Maybe I mis-read this, but it looked to me in the article that he just assumed the two Apple employees were police, since they apparently had police officers with them who identified themselves as police, but not that the Apple employees necessarily identified themselves as being police. If that's the case, he made an incorrect assumption, but they may have done nothing wrong.

    Plus, he agreed to a warrentless search. The dummy.
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