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    Default Police Officers take Joy Ride to Vegas in State Car

    This is Hilarious:

    Would you do something if Peace Officers committed Grand Theft Auto in your neighberhood? - YouTube

    It is funny they would even argue that that shouldn't be fired. In my opinion they stole the car though obvious they would return it. Honestly, I can't believe they tampered with the Odometer. I think they should be charged for that.

    I would fire them, too, and they wouldn't be coming back. It is different if it is work-related and they had permission. I.e. If they were going on a conference. If they were, I would hope the State would send them in an un-marked car WITHOUT lights and equipment (like mine at work).

    I also find it hilarious they were pulled over for speeding. To even pull over a marked police car, they must have been WAY speeding in Nevada. I know in my State I once got grace for being pulled over in a regular State Car... totally my fault and I was going about 10 over (I got a warning); the speed limit recently changed 15 MPH lower than it was... yes, I was on official duty in my state.

    I really wonder how fast they were driving. To be pulled over again by the same cop made me laugh. If I were that cop, I would have issued a speeding citation - at least the second time.

    Looks like these California cops needed a RADAR Detector in their police car, lol.
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