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    Default Wow... Racist cop

    This video amazes me....

    His attorney expects him to be exonerated and released back onto the streets... With video evidence? How?

    Can someone check up and find out what happened to this cop? I hope he the courts found out the truth and really convicted him.

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    Default Re: Wow... Racist cop

    First, you have to ask yourself this question, after 21 years as an officer do you really think he decided one day recently hey i am only going to stop minority from now on. This guy has probably been doing it all a long I bet. They just caught him now.
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    Default Re: Wow... Racist cop

    Probably just his scum bag attorney talking... I doubt and hope he will not be back on the streets. I don't see how his attorney will get him out of this.

    Maybe try to get evidence oppressed with some wiretap law? I'm sure the officers know they are being recorded from time to time though so I don't see how that would work.



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