Just found this article from the area where I live... Typical Southern Speed Trap B.S.:

Does new U.S. 17 intersection actually reduce death trap? : Beaufort Tribune.com

There used to be 1 lane in each direction... (undivided) and it had a 50 PSL. Now, they doubled and divided the Hiway, so there are two lanes in each direction and a center median. One would think this would mean the speed limit would increase from 50 to 60 (in SC) or to 65 (in most states like CA), but they set the PSL at 35!

You can see from the pictures yourself there is a rural highway out in the middle of nowhereville, South Carolina.

Look here... many people are stupid enough to think this highway is a deathtrap because someone died on it and the media made everyone scared... One guy got ticketed going 62 on a 4-lanned highway out in the middle of nowhere.

US Highway 17 near US Highway 21 Speed Traps | The National Speed Trap Exchange

The only thing out there is that Peach Cider shop!

I love this sentence:
"...drivers have to enter the highway from a nearly blind standstill and encounter traffic possibly traveling as fast as 55-60 mph in spite of a new speed limit of 35 mph in that vicinity." <== LOL, proof the Speed Limit is a joke!

^^^^ The only place they enter from a near stand-still is that Cider shop, which I have shopped at, too. The problem I have with this statement is that it is in the middle of nowhere with at least a half mile of visibility in each direction and a giant shoulder to speed up on, yet South Carolinian's are too careless and stupid to look over their shoulder... Hell, on freeway on-ramps sometimes they stop right before the freeway as if at a red-light at an intersection then cut out in front of someone and cause brake lights (or an accident) then I have to merge onto the god damned freeway at 25 MPH! It is NOT that freak-en hard to match the speed of traffic, find an open spot, and merge.

I like this quote:
"The newly posted speed limit in that vicinity is 35 mph from whence it was as much as 55 mph only a mile or so prior. Evidence shows many drivers routinely ignore speed limits,... "

^^^^ Maybe they ignore it because the only thing that changes is the speed limit NOT the road itself, which is now actually built better & safer than the I-95 freeway that has a PSL of 70. <== I guess these people would expect people to drive 35 on the freeway if the PSL were posted at 35.