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Thread: DUI Free Pass

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    Default DUI Free Pass

    Miami-Dade Officer Arrested For DUI In Patrol Car

    Oh much for the law..

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    Default Re: DUI Free Pass

    I really don't have an issue with him not being cuffed. I have arrested and transported individuals with out putting handcuffs on the suspect.

    As for booking I have locked up plenty of drunks that could have been processed as DWI but I chose to arrest them for disorderly conduct. I am guessing you can figure out why...

    Handcuffs are up to an officers discretion. They are used when the suspect thought to be threat to the officer or the public. The person that transported him might have not been the arresting officer and did not feel he was a threat. For that matter it really does not matter who arrested him.

    The transport made the call. He had every right to do so.

    As for booking really not a big deal. I can think of several reasons why you would expiate a cop or a citizen out of the cell block.

    The Sheriffs office in an elected official. Meaning his ass is on the line for the voters. So of course he is going to do what he can to get reelected.

    I have always said I would never lock up a cop..These days that is getting harder to say. I still don't think I could ever do it.
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