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    Default LEO's getting caught

    This isn't about speeding but I'm sure it will interest those here.

    In the last 2 months, 3 South Bend, IN LEO's have been arrested for drunk driving.

    The one from this week was the best. Several 911 calls were coming in about a police officer standing outside of his cruiser, taking a whiz! Then, it gets better. He calls HQ on his radio and says his cruiser is out of commission. It wasn't. He was just so drunk he didn't know how to drive it. Needless to say they arrested him. If it wasn't for the 911 calls, I bet he wouldn't have been arrested.

    Anyway, that was the 3rd one in 2 months. Must be a heck of a place to work. Interesting quote in the 2nd link that the South Bend Police Division Chief Gary Horvath doesn't think it's that bad since it only affects 1% of their officers.

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    We had a huge stink, a chief battalion of the fire department was on duty, drunk and showed up a a strip club, he was refused access due to his demeanor, he threaten to close the place down with his authority, being still denied it then escalated into a fight, he called out on his radio that he was being attacked, every department responded to back him up at the strip club.

    The strip club had to fight to prove they were in the right, obviously it helped that the media showed up on the seen to document the intoxicated chief. But still it was a long process, over a year, finnaly, the chief was still being considered to keep his position. Well obviously that was not going to be allowed.

    He lost his career, he now cleans the bathrooms at the fire station.

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    Have you guys ever been to Indiana? I don't drink but would if I had to live there........



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