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    Default Update! Cops suspended in photo-radar kickback case!

    Cops suspended in photo-radar kickback case
    Last updated Feb 23 2006 09:08 AM MST
    CBC News
    Two Edmonton police officers accused of accepting kickbacks from an American photo-radar company have been suspended.

    Chief Mike Boyd says he decided to remove the pair from active duty after prosecutors insisted the officers not have any contact with other members of the police service.

    Boyd says several dozens officers have provided evidence in the RCMP investigation and may be called as witnesses.

    The officers will continue to receive pay during the suspension.

    "When police officers are suspended from duty, it is mandatory they be suspended with pay. That is written into the police act. There are provisions, under some circumstances, to suspend without pay but these circumstances do not align with that category," he said.

    Charges against the officers were laid last week following a year-long investigation into the departments that had dealings with the Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Systems.

    Two years ago, the City of Edmonton signed a multimillion-dollar contract with the company to provide photo-radar equipment.
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    Glad to see my Alberta tax dollars are going to pay crooked cops on suspension! I have a hard enough time with my tax dollars being spent on cops enforcing silly speed laws, let alone this.



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