Red Light Camera Uncovers Retirement Home Theft

POSTED: 8:48 am EST February 23, 2006
UPDATED: 8:51 am EST February 23, 2006
BALTMORE -- A workplace scam in Baltimore was uncovered by a red light camera.

Gerald Jordan pleaded guilty Wednesday to felony theft and admitted stealing about $300,000 during his 4 years as the chief financial officer at an assisted living and retirement home.

His boss at the Wesley Home in Northwest Baltimore became suspicious when the facility was sent a red light camera ticket for an SUV leased without her knowledge in the home's name. Her review of financial records also found payments to a moonbounce company, for a plasma television, and for landscaping and renovations at Jordan's home.

Jordan must serve 3 years of probation, including 6 months of house arrest. He has already paid back $225,000.

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